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TP-LINK expands SMB products array in MEA

Vendor launches EAP220 indoor WiFi access point and debuts layer3 managed switch

Liang says the expanded SMB array will help small businesses to resolve their network infrastructure challenges.
Liang says the expanded SMB array will help small businesses to resolve their network infrastructure challenges.

TP-LINK Technologies Co Ltd, a global provider of SOHO and SMB networking products and solutions, has expanded its SMB products portfolio with the launch of the EAP220, a business class indoor Wi-Fi access point and T3700G-28TQ, a 28-port Gigabit stackable layer3 managed switch.

Intended for SMB environments such as offices, restaurants, campuses, and hotels etc, the EAP220 stands out as one of the most versatile and cost effective wireless access point solutions on the market.

"One of the main considerations for access points in the workplace is placement and flexibility," said Denny Liang, vice president MEA, TP-LINK Middle East. "The EAP series was designed to be as compact and as versatile as possible to allow for easy installation and maximum coverage," he said. Liang pointed out that the latest business class indoor WiFi Access Point comes with centralised controller software bundled free.

He explained that the inclusion of TP-LINK's intuitive centralised management controller software means that administrators are able to deliver high end wireless control over their Wi-Fi coverage, with no extra cost. "The inclusion of our controller software means that our EAP represent an extremely cost-effective one-stop solution such as easy configuration and installation for small and medium businesses," added Liang.

TP-LINK said the T3700G-28TQ layer3 switch has been designed to help build a scalable, reliable and easy-to-manage network for enterprises. The new product is a JetStream 28-Port Gigabit Stackable Layer3 managed switch, which is the first L3 managed product of TP-LINK's switch series.

According to TP-LINK, the switch is equipped with 24 Gigabit RJ-45 ports, four combo Gigabit SFP and four 10Gbps SFP+ slots. Integrated with robust security performance and abundant management features, the T3700G-28TQ Layer3 managed switch provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for enterprise, campus and ISP networks.

Liang explained that the T3700G-28TQ comes with multiple layer3 routing protocols, including static routing, RIP, OSPF, ECMP and VRRP. "These integrated routing protocols provide reliable, high-performance and scalable routing function for a wide range of network installations," he said.