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Veeam hits new heights with Availability Suite

Veeam proves it is still king of data availability with the swift uptake of its newest v8 solution

Gregg Petersen, Regional Director for the Middle East and SAARC for Veeam.
Gregg Petersen, Regional Director for the Middle East and SAARC for Veeam.

Veeam has enjoyed breakneck growth over the last few years, a rate that looks set to continue as 30,000 organizations register pre-launch interest for the new Veeam Availability Suite v8.

This development, Veeam says, illustrates the growing requirement for companies to deliver the Always-On business.

In addition, more than 36 percent of existing customers (45,000) upgraded to Veeam Availability Suite v8 within its first 90 days of release with customers, prospects and partners downloading at a rate of more than 1,200 downloads per day.  “Customers are increasingly relying on us to keep the modern data centre Always-On as more and more of these organizations move a large number of business-critical applications into a virtual infrastructure,” said Gregg Petersen, Regional Director for the Middle East and SAARC for Veeam. “We are able to offer our customers engaged in both the back-up and replication as well as the monitoring tool a recovery time and point objectives (RTPO) of less than 15 minutes, ultimately giving them high availability based on the solutions we have,” Petersen added. 

Simplicity in installing the Availability Suite v8 was an added bonus with almost two thirds of organizations stating that the upgrade process took a “matter of minutes”, according to the company.

In addition, 91 percent of customers handled the upgrade process internally with no help from an external consultant, thereby illustrating its ease of use.  The top features/benefits for customers in the v8, Petersen revealed, were Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory, enhancements to Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange, Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server and replication enhancements.

“Business in the region was up 63% last year,” Petersen said, adding, “but the thing that excites me is the increase in our renewals business in the Middle East which is up 498 percent. This shows Veeam customers here in the region are renewing their licences in very large numbers. Our customer loss is less than single digits so customer retention is phenomenal considering that we are gaining new customers all the time.”

 Gregg said he expects the new Availability Suite to help maintain such positive growth numbers in 2015. “We have been able to retain these customers and as they expand their virtualized infrastructure, they are inevitably getting new licenses. We are also expanding on the new customers’ front with new business experiencing 64% growth. Partners are also growing massively with 32% growth in the number of new partners YoY,” Petersen said.

With more than 200 new features and enhancements, Veeam Availability Suite v8 leverages the technologies of the modern data centre-virtualization, modern storage and cloud. According to the company, the Suite provides five key capabilities enabling the Always-On Business, including high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified protection, leveraged data and complete visibility.

No more a prerequisite for business-critical applications only, continuous availability for applications is now a necessity for all organizations. The virtualization path taken by many organizations, Petersen explains, was to virtualize business critical applications last because CIOs were worried about performance, high availability and the risk. All this is gone, Petersen says, because with virtualization organizations can now get availability offered by a company like Veeam for example and do it at a far lower cost. “The Always-On data centre is today about the entire data centre and not just certain applications. Veeam brings this capability across all applications as long as it’s on a virtual infrastructure.” Petersen said.

Petersen also explains that cost savings are part of the Veeam offering. “We save our customers a lot of money doing storage because Veeam comes built in with features such as deduplication so customers do not need to go and invest in new technology. We help our customers leverage their existing investment in storage so for instance, they can take their old storage and deploy it as a backup repository and Veeam will still provide RTPO of less than 15 minutes,” Petersen says.