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Enterprise key to Kaspersky’s bold ambitions

With a highly successful consumer solutions base, Kaspersky Lab looks to the enterprise to drive its ambitious blueprint for the future

Enterprise key to Kaspersky’s bold ambitions
Ovanes Mikhaylov, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab Middle East

Kaspersky Lab has identified the enterprise security segment as a major focus area in its aggressive growth strategy in the region.

According to Ovanes Mikhaylov, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab Middle East, the company hopes to meet the target for this expansion plan by combining innovation and intelligence with a boost in support for channel partners.

“We have been strengthening and expanding our enterprise security portfolio with solutions based on superior threat intelligence to ensure better protection to our customers,” says Mikhaylov. “We also tightly work with partners to ensure their good understanding of threat landscape, customer needs and the way our solutions help,” he adds.

To meet enterprise security needs, Mikhaylov explains, Kaspersky Lab offers its corporate customers security intelligence services, as well as the integrated Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business platform and a range of specialized targeted solutions, including the new Light Agent virtualization solution and Kaspersky Fraud Prevention for banks. Controls of the solutions are managed from one central console, the Kaspersky Security Centre. This, Mikhaylov adds, results in more streamlined, productive administrative processes, putting less strain on IT divisional resources and training budgets.

“Kaspersky Lab’s security solutions are not only built to address today’s problems, but also to anticipate and prevent tomorrow’s. The company develops innovative technologies that address market-specific needs such as excellent protection levels, adaptability to changing circumstances, scalability, compatibility with different platforms, high performance, superior fault tolerance, ease of use and high efficiency. From their inception, Kaspersky Lab’s solutions are developed in-house, harnessing all the advantages of the company's extensive and predictive security expertise and intelligence,” Mikhaylov says.

According to the 2014 Global Corporate IT Security Risks survey by Kaspersky Lab, 13% of businesses in the GCC reported experiencing a targeted attack in previous 12 months with 24% losing sensitive business data due to internal threats such as software vulnerability incidents, loss or theft of mobile devices, or accidental leaks by an employee. In addition, 26% reported some loss of sensitive data due to external threats such as malicious programs, hacking, phishing attacks and corporate espionage. The financial costs of a single data security incident were estimated at an average of $720,000 and damages from one successful targeted attack could cost a company up to $2.54 million, the report shows.

To help companies navigate through this veritable IT security minefield, Kaspersky Lab can count on the undeniable wealth of expertise it has gained in its years of combating major IT threats. This, Mikhaylov contends, helps the company remain one step ahead of the competition and provide its users with reliable protection against new types of cyberattacks.

“In support of the development of its innovative technologies and products, Kaspersky Lab heavily invests in R&D to ensure the delivery of the best security expertise-one third of Kaspersky Lab’s employees are R&D specialists,” Mikhaylov reveals.  

Kaspersky Lab, Mikhaylov adds, continues to obtain more and more patents for its cutting-edge digital security technologies. As of early December 2014 Kaspersky Lab’s portfolio included 253 patents issued in the US, Russia, the EU and China. In addition to that, 294 patent applications are currently under consideration by patent authorities in these countries.

Intelligence has grown to become an integral part of IT security firms’ arsenal against the equally audacious purveyors of dangerous malware.  Kaspersky Lab’s Security Intelligence Services team, Mikhaylov explains, constantly monitor the threat landscape, identifying emerging dangers and taking steps to defend against them.

“Combining our world-leading knowledge of malware and cybercrime with understanding of our clients’ operations, we create materials that provide actionable intelligence for an enterprise’s specific needs. Our intelligence services range from subscriptions to our global network insights, monthly threat analysis specific to the organization, through to bespoke training and education programs,” Mikhaylov adds.

The Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business is the flagship platform from Kaspersky Lab offering a broad array of tools and technologies to enable companies to see, control and protect all endpoint devices. It combines its technologies and tools into four tiers, each of which adds its own layer of protection against cyberthreats, Mikhaylov explains.

“The first level – Core – contains our award-winning anti-malware technologies. Next come the Select and Advanced tiers, offering modern endpoint control and encryption. Finally, Total level security provides the best protection for each area of the network – web, mail and collaboration servers alike. At every level Kaspersky Security Network provides powerful cloud-assisted protection to every component, and Kaspersky Security Centre tools help IT specialists to manage the whole company’s IT defences from a single console,” Mikhaylov says.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention on the other hand has been specifically developed to “deliver rigorous security for banks, ensuring better protection against fraud during online and mobile financial transactions. It safeguards customer endpoints from various emerging financial threats, while SDK component allows banks to develop their own secure applications for Android, iOS devices and Windows Phone,” Mikhaylov explains.

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