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IBM, Juniper partner on network analytics

Juniper’s MX Router Service Control Gateway to integrate with IBM Now Factory for network tweaks

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IBM and Juniper Networks today announced plans to collaborate on real-time network behaviour analytics.

The intent of the joint offerings is to focus on network-performance analytics to support mobile experiences, big data and application demands with respect to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The collaboration will be aimed at helping communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises to be "more agile and efficient, reducing time to deployment and cost, while enhancing end user application experiences", the companies said in a joint statement.

IBM and Juniper have designed a solution in which Juniper Networks MX Router Service Control Gateway (SCG) integrates with IBM Now Factory analytics. The result is constant in-depth monitoring of network operations, as well as the customisation of service experience, based on who is using the network and the applications being run, taking into account the capabilities and location of devices.

"Integrating predictive analytics directly into the stream of data processing - and embedding it into the network of CSPs - will help to ensure the reliability of the network and improve customer engagement," said Bob Picciano, senior vice president, IBM Analytics. "Juniper Networks' focus on cloud-based analytics complements IBM's strategy to apply analytics capabilities to help organisations sense, predict and respond to opportunities."

"By combining Juniper Cloud Analytics Engine and Service Control Gateway with IBM analytics technologies, together we enable our customers to build effective business intelligence and take real-time actions that can optimise performance and create enhanced service experiences," said Jonathan Davidson, executive vice president, general manager, Juniper Development and Innovation at Juniper Networks. "These analytics capabilities will deliver new levels of insight into the behaviour and performance of our enterprise and service provider customers' applications and networks."