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Avaya to build Mall of Qatar’s technology infrastructure

Avayas’s end-to-end solution offering to provide advanced fabric connectivity technology to mall tenants and guests

Advanced Fabric networking technology is coming to the Mall of Qatar after Avaya won the mega deal to build and support the mall's end to end technology infrastructure.

The project, according to Avaya, includes designing, building and supporting the mall's next generation network infrastructure, high definition wireless indoor and outdoor connectivity, as well as the mall's CCTV network. Avaya won the Mall of Qatar infrastructure RFP, in cooperation with Libatel, an Avaya Platinum partner in Qatar.

"The decision in favour of Avaya is that the fabric technology we are providing is very easy for the Mall of Qatar management to operate," said Ziad Halwani, Avaya Country Manager for Qatar. Avaya, Ziad added, is also able to provide end-to-end solutions ranging from to networking and data centre, to UC and wireless, among other solutions.

The Mall of Qatar is a new mega shopping centre in Doha with retail tenants from some of the world's leading powerhouse brands and an array of food, beverage and entertainment expected to make this the premier destination in Qatar.

The project is expected to enable Mall of Qatar to effortlessly innovate and provision new services to its tenants and visitors in the future, the company said.

The solutions we are providing include internet, networking and telephony and the wireless, explains Ziad. "Customers and mall guests will benefit from the Wi-Fi both indoors and outdoors that we are providing. Retail shops and the clients within the mall will benefit on the ease of use with this technology is and how easily they can implement their own technologies on top of ours," Ziad added.

Projects such as the Mall of Qatar will have a lot of multi-national franchises who come with their own technologies that they want to integrate. Using fabric will make it easy for everybody, Ziad said.

The Mall of Qatar will be the first in the region to commercially deploy smart retailing services such as Digital Signage, and omni-channel retailing in the first phase of the project. In the future, Avaya says, the mall's technology infrastructure will enable it to effortlessly introduce new smart services to its tenants and visitors such as crowd management.

Avaya's fabric-enabled networking technology uses an innovative approach to network design, operation and management to avoid the bottlenecks that slow the deployment of applications and services, the company says. Fabric allows seamless interworking with existing/legacy or cloud-based infrastructures making the physical layout of the network irrelevant as you can build any logical network on top, which essentially does to the network, what virtual machines did to the server.

"Fabric technology is now well adopted worldwide and customers have shown great interest.  We are moving very strong and fast in this space and we've already signed lot of orders so far," Ziad said.

Avaya believes its Fabric Connect technology offers a future-proof foundation for today's megatrends - network virtualisation, cloud and mobile engagement - while simplifying the network and reducing operational costs. "We work on open standards and we are constantly upgrading our portfolio so any customer with a legacy network would find it easy to migrate to fabric," Ziad explained.

Fabric is a versatile solution and can be deployed in various types of installations. Ziad explains that its fabric solution has already been deployed in various projects across the regions such as the Sheraton Hotel in Doha, the Banana Island Resort by Anantara and the World Trade Centre in Dubai.

In addition, Avaya recently announced the global launch of its software-defined network (SDN Fx). This ‘Smart Foundation' enables the transition towards the ‘Internet of Things' faster than ever, Avaya says, and is expected to add value to the region's ‘Smart Governments' vision. Avaya envisions limitless use cases that Avaya SDN Fx can support, including in environments such as cities, hotels, large retail stores, hospitals, schools, airports and more. The solution provides automated and dynamic connectivity, mobility and a level of security to the network based on the device or user identity.