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PlayStation Network services remain intermittent

Sony restores system for some users, but not all

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Sony Computer Entertainment started to bring PlayStation Network services online yesterday after a Christmas Day DDoS attack left gamers unable to configure newly purchased consoles or play online.

But, according to Reuters, while Sony executives took to the company blog to declare the outage resolved, some users still complained they were unable to access PSN.

Sony then posted a revised message on its maintenance website: "We are currently experiencing widespread network issues that are being addressed."

Sony said in a statement on PlayStation's maintenance website.

The increasingly prolific Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the blitz and a similar and simultaneous attack on Microsoft's Xbox Live network. The PSN attack was the third on the gaming network this year from the same group. Lizard Squad accompanied a PSN attack in August with a tweeted bomb threat to a commercial flight carrying Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley.

Although it was hit at the same time as Sony, on Christmas Day, Microsoft restored its services by the following day. Sony took 23 days to restore PSN in 2011 after a DDoS attack, which coincided with widespread theft of users' personal data. Last month at Sony Pictures a hacktivist group took the corporate network offline for more than a week.