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Etisalat websites hacked

Chinese portal redirects hit UAE telco’s .ae, .com sites

Etisalat’s websites have been attacked by an unknown party.
Etisalat’s websites have been attacked by an unknown party.

Etisalat's main commercial website, etisalat.com, was defaced today by an unknown party.

Some visitors to etisalat.com were presented with a portal-style screen with Chinese characters for text. Some visitors experienced similar results with etisalat.ae.

Normally, website defacement is accomplished using static images so that responsible parties can demonstrate that they have "pwned" (owned, or been victorious against) their target. However, Etisalat's attackers left no victory message and the page changes each time it is refreshed. Each page is a portal to other websites, all with Chinese domain addresses.

A spokesperson for the Abu Dhabi-based telecoms provider contacted by ITP.net said they were unaware of the incident and would investigate further. As of 10:30am, Etislalat has yet to make an official statement on the incident.

While the style of the attack (no claim of responsibility and non-static images) is unusual, this is not the first major attack against a Middle East business. The summer of 2012 saw attacks against both Saudi Aramco and Qatar's RasGas.