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Three detained in connection with WireLurker

First arrests in Beijing, over notorious Apple-hungry malware campaign

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Chinese authorities have detained three people in connection with the WireLurker malware operation, according to online media.

The three detainees, identified merely as Chen, Lee and Wang by the Beijing Public Security, were arrested in Beijing following an investigation that enlisted the help of local cyber-sec company Qihoo 360.

While WireLurker, exposed by Palo Alto Networks earlier this month, is a hybrid sample that plays havoc with Windows and Mac OS, it is the Apple platform that has captured headlines in recent weeks. WireLurker is thought to be the first in-the-wild exploit for the Masque Attack vulnerability found in Apple OS platforms.

Security firm FireEye informed Apple of the Masque flaw in July. It allows malicious actors to make use of a tool Apple created for third-party developers to update their software on devices without having to go through the App Store. The bypass allowed WireLurker architects to circumvent the tight security on the Store and taint sensitive apps.