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Infoblox upgrades network automation solution

Latest version of NetMRI designed for discovery, management of traditional, virtual networks

Fulton: Up to 80% of network problems today are caused by change.
Fulton: Up to 80% of network problems today are caused by change.

Network control specialist Infoblox this week announced enhancements to its NetMRI product that enable it to discover, track, and manage virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) of network traffic.

The solution is aimed at next-generation data centres and multi-tenant computing and Infoblox said the enhancements "make NetMRI the first network automation solution that can change and configure multiple virtually routed networks in multivendor environments".

"As organisations increasingly deploy next-generation data centres and private clouds, virtualised network elements become critical," Infoblox said in a statement. "VRF allows for virtual network connections that are more dynamic and enables segmentation of multiple data paths on a single router. However, existing network automation solutions cannot discover and manage multiple VRF networks without costly deployment of management servers for each virtual network instance." 

The latest version of Infoblox NetMRI is designed for discovery and management of both traditional and virtual network infrastructures through a single control point, allowing for "detection, provisioning, and configuration" of network devices, as well as helping with security policy compliance and enforcement, according to Infoblox.

"This intelligent network automation can significantly reduce the time to set up and modify networks, while lowering operating expenses and human error," the company said.

"Up to 80% of network problems today are caused by change - mistakes made when manually altering devices by setting poor configurations that cause problems later and by using inconsistent standards," said Scott Fulton, executive vice president of products at Infoblox. "These mistakes are even harder to avoid as networks become virtualised. Our customers asked for help with challenges such as virtual routing and forwarding, and the enhancements we're introducing today for Infoblox NetMRI are intended to meet those needs."