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Real-life hoverboard unveiled

The Hendo floats above the floor using magnetic levitation

Real-life hoverboard unveiled
Henderson: "We hope to have our production hoverboard ready by October 21st 2015 ready for Marty's arrival".

A real life hoverboard has been created, which can hover about 3cm off the ground carrying up to 140kg (about two people) for around 15 minutes.

The Hendo, which has launched on Kickstarter has been made by Arx Pax, a small company from Los Gatos, California and uses a strong magnetic field to repulse a ground-based material and float in the same way maglev trains operate. This means that Hendo will only float over floors made of non-ferrous metals such as copper or aluminium.

Speaking on a Forbes video on Youtube, Arx Pax founder Greg Henderson said: "We hope to have our production hoverboard ready by October 21st 2015, ready for Marty's arrival," referring to the Back to the Future II film from 1989, where Marty McFly gets a hoverboard. "This is a stepping stone to Marty McFly's ride over hedges and rocks and curbs."

The company is looking for $250,000 in funding to refine the working technology from the prototype and start production. The cost of a Hendo will be $10,000.

"About two years ago, we began investigating magnetic field architecture (MFA) and hover technology as a better way to build, move people and move materials," said Henderson. "During our research, we discovered a way to transmit electromagnetic technology that is far more efficient than anything else. This means that our patent-pending Hendo Hover Engine technology can enable platforms to hover over non-ferrous materials with payloads of virtually any size and weight."

Arx Pax is also offering the magnetic field technology in a small developer box controlled by a smartphone app, which is aimed at hackers looking to use the technology for something else including industrial uses for transporting heavy loads.

 "While the possibilities are both exciting and nearly limitless, we decided to build a hoverboard prototype and hover engine developer kits right out of the gate," said Henderson. "It is still early days, but we are absolutely thrilled because we have proven conclusively that what was widely considered impossible is, in fact, possible."

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