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New platform allows 'anyone, anywhere,' to create an app

CYMaker will be launched next year and allow users to create their own apps without coding

Baigong: "Anyone can make an app, as long as they can use a PC."
Baigong: "Anyone can make an app, as long as they can use a PC."

A new app development platform has been announced that has no coding or costs and is said to be accessible to everyone.

CYMaker was revealed during the Global App Summit by Mobogenie and will be launched in Q1 of 2015. It aims to offer "a hassle-free option for anyone looking to create an app."

Speaking at the event, Chris Sun Baigong, managing director, Mobogenie, said: "The app market in the Middle East is growing at an incredible pace, given the rapid uptake of smart devices. Through a simple, step by step process, our CYMaker empowers anyone, anywhere, with the ability to create a fully functional app for Android devices that will be available through our popular Mobogenie app store.

"With smartphones such an integrated part of regional consumers' lifestyles, especially in the region where penetration is amongst the highest in the world, apps provide a critical touchpoint for accessing customers, especially for small and medium enterprises that are trying to expand their community reach. Traditionally, though, there have been several obstacles standing in the way of creating an app, such as no knowledge of or budget for coding, issues with payment gateways, and so on. CYMaker breaks through those barriers. Anyone can make an app, as long as they can use a PC."

After users have filled out dashboard details, Mobogenie's support team will complete the process, the app will then be reviewed, and if no corrections are required it will be uploaded to the Mobogenie Android Store 2.0.

The CYMaker platform will offer users resources such as pictures and videos, including content that is regionally relevant.

A localisation service provided by CYMaker will ensure that content is edited and translated to be regionally specific, while payment options and customer service is also available on a local level.

Rahul Srivastava, senior marketing and operations director, Mobogenie said: "The accessibility and simplicity of CYMaker is especially important for small, up and coming businesses who may not have the funds or the technical understanding to create an app. With CYMaker, they have the ability to near instantly access their target audience through an intuitive, customised app. Last year there were more than 65bn apps downloaded, with the expectation for this to grow to 200bn downloads in 2014, while the Android app market alone has seen growth of 2-3% in the number of new apps added. Now is the right time for businesses in particular to get into this rapidly growing market, and CYMaker is the ideal entry tool."