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Oracle launches Data-as-a-Service solutions for marketing, social

Offerings designed for business insights from array of anonymous user data

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Oracle Corp today announced Oracle Data Cloud and two new Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) offerings, Oracle DaaS for Marketing and Oracle DaaS for Social.

Oracle Data Cloud is a DaaS platform that includes Oracle's data products and its newly acquired BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace.

Oracle DaaS for Marketing, available in a new subscription model, gives marketers access to an array of anonymous user-level data across offline, online, and mobile data sources. According to Oracle, the data is gathered from "trusted and validated" sources to support privacy and security compliance.

Oracle DaaS for Social, now in limited availability, delivers categorisation and "enrichment" of unstructured social and enterprise data, with the aim of providing insights on customers, competitors, and market trends.

"Unbundling data from SaaS applications has enhanced a business user's ability to activate insights gleaned from external data sources, leading to more engaging and personalised customer experiences," said Omar Tawakol, general manager and group vice president, Oracle Data Cloud. "The Oracle Data Cloud brings together a best-in-class data platform with the world's largest data marketplace to drive smarter decisions for marketing and social, and it will eventually include other enterprise functions such as sales and service."