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Gartner cites escalating attacks, state spying as key cybersec concerns

Research firm gears up for Dubai-based risk management summit

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Research company Gartner Inc has highlighted state-sponsored eavesdropping and the dizzying escalation in the rate of cyber attacks worldwide as pillar issues ahead of its Security and Risk Management Summit, to be held in Dubai on 15 and 16 September.

"In the last two years we have seen a sharp increase in the sophistication of and motivation for attacks against commercial and governmental infrastructure across the globe, and we expect the pace of attacks to only get worse," said Eric Paulak, research managing vice president at Gartner and conference chair.

"At the same time, we have seen a tremendous backlash against the revelations of massive government-led eavesdropping and challenges to individual privacy."

Paulak made reference to #OpPetrol the Anonymous-affiliated campaign against the regional oil and gas sector, as well as "ideologically driven insider threats, and globally co-ordinated fraud".

"All of these threats, new and old, play out across infrastructure that is an assemblage of legacy infrastructure - both obsolete and up-to-date - and new Internet-of-Things, operational technology, cloud and mobile infrastructure and services," he said.

"The fundamental complexity of the digital environment has exploded, creating a myriad of vulnerabilities in infrastructure, process and skill sets. Security managers are working hard and fast to build new capabilities while maintaining the security of core infrastructure, while the technology leveraged by the enterprise grows daily in complexity and novelty."