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LG releases G3 Smart Keyboard update

Upgrade includes host of features designed to ‘make typing less tedious’

The keyboard uses adaptive algorithms to learn a user’s habits and respond.
The keyboard uses adaptive algorithms to learn a user’s habits and respond.

LG Electronics today announced that it will release an update to its Smart Keyboard for the G3 handset.

The keyboard uses adaptive algorithms to learn a user's habits and respond, but also includes a number of personalisation features, such as allowing the user to adjust the position of the keyboard for optimal comfort.

Additional features in the upgrade include Emoji Suggestion, which recommends emoticons to represent specific words.

Application-based Text Tone Suggestion learns from users' typing habits and suggests the most commonly used words depending on the application. For example, if the user frequently starts emails with "Dear," then this is the word that will likely be recommended next time.  And Next Word Suggestion uses contextual analysis and studies the user's style over time to suggest the next word or symbol.

Bilingual Word Suggestion automatically detects and changes to the correct language without requiring the user to manually switch.

Real-time Path Input lets users enter text by fluidly tracing their finger in one continuous motion across the keyboard. Smart Keyboard will display recommended words in real time as the word is being traced. While previously users were shown the recommended word only after the trace was completed, LG's Smart Keyboard displays the suggestions in real time, as the words are being traced.

"While Smart Keyboard is just one piece of a larger UX, it's a significant feature in that it improves upon a very fundamental feature that all smartphone owners do - typing on a cramped keyboard," said Dr Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. "From the very beginning of G3's development, we tried to learn as much as we could about the way consumers interact with their smartphones. This Smart Keyboard update is a clear example of LG's continuing effort to provide a better and improved user experience."

The Smart Keyboard application update will begin this month via LG's update centre. LG G3 owners should check with their operator for the exact schedule of availability.