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Huawei joins EU 5G think-tank

China-based equipment maker claims key role in shaping European research focus

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China-based telecoms equipment-maker Huawei today announced it has been elected to join the board of the 5G Infrastructure Association in Europe at the General Assembly held in Bologna on 26 June.

Huawei will be represented on the board by Dr David Soldani of Huawei European Research Centre.

The 5G Infrastructure Association represents the private party of the 5G Public and Private Partnership (5G-PPP), a EUR1.4bn ($1.9bn) joint initiative between the European ICT industry and the European Commission, aimed at ushering in the next generation of communication networks.

Huawei has pledged "significant effort" in driving 5G foundational technology research, tests and large-scale trials in collaboration with partners to assess the technical feasibility and business viability of new 5G technologies.

The Shenzhen-headquartered company will also help to formulate and implement a 5G communications plan with partners and to "disseminate results at a global level". Huawei will play a role in shaping EU priorities in 5G research and "extending the dialogue to a wider group of stakeholders".

Huawei will work with the European Commission and industry partners to align the work of the 5G Infrastructure Association, the 5G-PPP, the NetWorld2020 European Technology Platform and various related working groups with stakeholders' expectations.

The 5G Infrastructure Association is an international non-profit association based in Gent, Belgium. The association conducts research on 5G communication systems and networks, the preparation of global standards related to 5G and regulatory discussions on topics including future frequency bands.