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Spectrami opens South Africa office

Dubai-based VAD enters growing South African market with plans to expand further into SADC and East Africa

Choudha says Spectrami want to use the South Africa office to serve the rest of the sub-Saharan Africa.
Choudha says Spectrami want to use the South Africa office to serve the rest of the sub-Saharan Africa.

Regional VAD Spectrami, has announced that it is entering into the South African market by opening up a new office.

The company said it plans to start with South Africa and before extending its reach to the rest of the Southern and East Africa along with the Indian ocean islands.

In addition, Spectrami stated that it wants to use the South Africa office to serve the rest of the sub-Saharan Africa.

Anand Choudha, MD at Spectrami, said: "South Africa is among the top four markets in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Thus, it makes sense for us logically to enter into the market as part of plans to increase our foot print in the region. We also see the right indicators in terms of market conditions, customer requirements for the technologies we represent and willingness from our vendors to get into the market. All of this leads us into making an informed decision to get into the South African market."

The new Spectrami South Africa office will be headed by Hugh Donald Ross Wason, in the capacity as country business representative. Wason is an IT industry veteran, having worked with many well-known brands such as Actifio, IBM, Stortech, I-Fusion, and EMC.

"South Africa has undergone economic and industrial development in recent years and these steps have contributed to an increased uptake of the latest IT solutions and services on the regional market," explained Choudha. "The opening of an office in South Africa reflects Spectrami's commitment to the African market. The new office will enable us to further improve our client service in that country by shortening client response times and providing us with a more indepth understanding of local business conditions and key IT requirements."

Choudha added that South Africa is a mature market and customers pretty much having the same problems as in other markets Spectrami is presently in. "These challenges are related to areas such as security, data protection, data management, storage explosion and mobility management. We definitely see opportunities in effectively all the technology stacks that we carry," he said.

Watson added that last year, the government in South Africa, enacted the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI). He said this is causing lots of customers to actively look at mobility and DLP as a requirement and they are making an active effort to acquire those technologies.

"We see a very good opportunity for our products from Good Technology and Verdasys in that market. Initially, we will be taking Actifio for copy data storage, Violin Memory for all flash array, Good Technology for mobility and Logrhythm for SIEM," he said.