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AccessData combines MDM with mobile malware protection

ResolutionOne platform combines mobile management with malware protection for Android and iOS

ResolutionOne delivers mobile protection and forensics to organisations, says Rieber.
ResolutionOne delivers mobile protection and forensics to organisations, says Rieber.

AccessData has launched a new solution to help organisations manage mobile devices and to detect and remove mobile malware.

The ResolutionOne platform combines mobile device management (MDM) solutions and mobile threat detection and response capabilities for iOS and Android devices, into a single solutions.

The mobile device support, which AccessData says is an industry first, provides comprehensive, real-time visibility, intelligence and resolution capabilities across iOS and Android devices on or off corporate networks.

The solution includes activity recording and data collection for both operating systems; threat intelligence from ResolutionOne's ThreatBridge intelligence engine; analytics to detect unusual behaviour and anomalies; incident replay to allow reconstruction of incidents; and geolocation visualisation to track devices.

"Organisations face growing challenges with multiple niche point products that are unable to provide the complete picture on incidents of all types," said Lee Reiber, vice president Mobile Solutions at AccessData. "They rely on MDM and MAM solutions to handle their mobile security. This represents a false sense of security as the software is not equipped to deliver incident detection, response, and remediation. To address this need, we incorporated our advanced mobile forensics capabilities into the ResolutionOne Platform to extend rapid threat detection, analysis and resolution across iOS and Android devices."

The mobile endpoint monitoring feature operates in a similar fashion as the desktop version. The mobile agent is delivered to iOS and Android devices which are connected to the enterprise's network via a MDM or MAM application catalogue. The devices are then monitored by the ResolutionOne Platform where processes, network communications and mobile device data are captured at predefined intervals.

The data is auto-correlated with the integrated, customisable ThreatBridge engine's threat intelligence library to identify any known threats such as malicious IP addresses and known malware. It also detects unknown threats by providing visibility into network communications and running processes, so anomalous activities can be identified and remediated.