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ESET releases mobile security products

New free and premium software aimed to combat growing threat of Android-based malware

Pradeesh VS, General Manager at ESET Middle East.
Pradeesh VS, General Manager at ESET Middle East.

Security Solutions vendor, ESET has today announced the availability of the newest version of ESET Mobile Security.

The new products "arm Android users with proactive anti-theft features to track lost or stolen mobile devices, through a Web interface at my.eset.com".

"The popularity of the Android OS makes it a lucrative target for attackers as with more users, the potential of successful infection is vastly greater. Unfortunately, while users today spend significant amounts of money and time on their mobile devices, they fail to equip them with the same level of protection as they would a traditional PC," said Pradeesh VS, general manager at ESET Middle East.

"But with mobile devices now being used to communicate, store data and even make financial transactions, device loss is an extremely stressful event that can place a lot of sensitive data at risk. We identified this as a major pain point for customers and added multiple easy-to-access features that eliminate much of the worry related to mobile device loss or theft," he added.

The basic protection, which is free for a lifetime, provides basic protection including full device scan, scan of downloaded applications items and basic anti-theft functionalities. Users can decide if they want to subscribe to premium features, which are unlocked after activating the 30-day trial or buying the licence.

The premium version provides scheduled scanning; on-charger scan; advanced Proactive Anti-Theft functionalities, including my.eset.com integration, SMS and call filter; and Security Audit.

New Proactive Anti-Theft and My.eset.com features include: Integration with my.eset.com; SIM matching; location tracking; suspicious state; camera snapshots; low battery; and user IP address details.