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Dubai malls get smart

Smart technology to be installed in shopping malls in Dubai

Tim Jones, COO, Arabian Center and Lamcy Plaza.
Tim Jones, COO, Arabian Center and Lamcy Plaza.

3D pathfinder technology is to be installed in Lals Group's Arabian Centre and Lamcy Plaza shopping malls, Dubai.

The digital kiosks have been developed by Nearbuy Solutions, a UAE company working in partnership with Philips and iForeScope, a European software provider specialising in interactive digital solutions.

Tim Jones, COO, Arabian Center and Lamcy Plaza, said, “In today’s digital world, the one thing traditional retailers have that online operators don’t — physical stores — needs to be an asset rather than a liability. And those assets need to include entertaining, exciting, and emotionally engaging experiences. The installation of itNerus’s interactive Pathfinder Tools at both the malls, will no doubt improve our visitors’ shopping experience. Such a pioneering technology is also in line with the government’s initiatives in making Dubai a smart city.”

Shoppers will be able to find their destination by touching the screen, and then be directed to it in a virtual 3D environment. The technology used by Nearbuy allows the kiosks to be permanently refreshed with the latest content including new stores, special offers and the mall’s events calendar.

Nicolas Standaert, MD of Nearbuy Solutions, added: "Few malls in Dubai offer Pathfinder kiosks today, and when they do, well, you’ll often find out that using a paper map remains a better option. Lals Group came to our solution because they believe that technology is here to make people’s lives easier. We feel honoured to have them as pioneer clients, in a region where the potential for such digital kiosks is huge - and not only in malls.”