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ESET announces launch of new website

GoExplore.net aims to help people explore the web safely

Elham Alizadeh, channel marketing manager at ESET Middle East.
Elham Alizadeh, channel marketing manager at ESET Middle East.

Security Solutions vendor, ESET this week announced the launch of its new portal, GoExplore.net

GoExplore.net is described as a "new Internet initiative that curates the best of the Web's content and encourages people to explore the Web safely". It is said to offer exclusive interviews with high-profile Internet heroes, how-to's, infographics and videos, as well as surveys and poll results.

"In keeping with our mission to help people enjoy safer technology, ESET is now encouraging Internet users in the Middle East to go beyond Google, Facebook, Twitter and the mere handful of websites they are accustomed to visiting. There is a plethora of fantastic content on the Web that can educate, inform, entertain and connect people in ways they never imagined," said Elham Alizadeh, channel marketing manager at ESET Middle East.

"We realised that worries about online safety and simply not knowing where to find the right content are the main factors inhibiting users from expanding their usage of the Internet. So we have greatly simplified this task which will inspire them to step outside of their comfort zone on the Web. We believe that this will bring about a revolution in how the Internet is perceived and utilised across the Middle East."

In a recent survey conducted in the US and the UK, the IT security company found that websites asking for too much information (32.38% of respondents), the fear of malware (29.03%) and the inability to find useful content (9.25%) were perceived as major hurdles to expanding usage of the Internet.

ESET believe certain factors need to be addressed before users in the region gain the confidence to look beyond the most commonly known websites.