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ManageEngine adds Siebel CRM support in core product

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Iyengar: Siebel solutions are business-critical applications.
Iyengar: Siebel solutions are business-critical applications.

Real-time IT management company ManageEngine today announced support for Siebel CRM in Applications Manager, its application performance-monitoring solution.

The move provides operational intelligence to Applications Manager users who are running Siebel systems, and is designed to ensure high availability and performance for Siebel business applications.

Siebel CRM typically supports critical business functions and large user communities. However, the complex nature of the Siebel Web architecture, including application servers, Web servers and other components, regularly presents management challenges to Siebel administrators, according to ManageEngine.

“For instance, when a Siebel application becomes slow, the architecture makes it tough to understand the root cause of the performance degradation,” ManageEngine said in a statement.

Because such issues lead to a support team spending days or weeks on a problem, ManageEngine believes performance analytics from Applications Manager will be of great benefit to Siebel CRM applications administrators.

“Siebel solutions are business-critical applications whose high availability and performance are of great importance,” said Sridhar Iyengar, vice president of product management at ManageEngine. “Today’s Siebel announcement demonstrates that ManageEngine is committed to ensuring our customers are getting the most out of their investment in Siebel CRM systems.”

Siebel CRM support is available as a beta feature in Applications Manager. The product’s Professional Edition prices start at $795 for up to 25 servers or applications.