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Jawbone launches wrist-mounted health monitor

US tech firm uses wristband device to track steps, water intake, sleep

The hypoallergenic, rubber wristband, is suitable for wearing day and night.
The hypoallergenic, rubber wristband, is suitable for wearing day and night.

The UP24 wristband is the latest from the UP system, a wristband, app and data service which connects wirelessly to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth smart, to help users understand how they move, sleep and eat.

Using the hypoallergenic, rubber wristband, which is suitable for suitable for wearing day and night as well as using the app, provides continuous feedback for users on their sleep and activity.

“The UP community has already logged more than 500 billion steps and 50 million nights of sleep. It's an astounding amount of data," said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone. "While data is good, understanding is better. UP24 is the first lifestyle tracker to help people make real sense of their data, understand their patterns over time and make smarter choices. UP pushes timely information to you to help turn your intentions into action – a gentle nudge suggesting an earlier bedtime if you want to meet your sleep target or an alert that you have nearly reached your steps target for the day.”

Features of the UP system include: “Today I Will” which is focused in one of three categories – sleep, movement, or water intake; Streaks & Milestones; Activity Alerts; Sleep Recovery; Activity Log; Assessment of your steps and sleep; Reminders which can prompt for a desired task at a particular time such as to complete a workout, get ready for bed, or take a pill by an app notification and band buzz.

There is also a new standalone app called UP Coffee which records caffeine intake and links with the other data.

The UP24 band comes in Small, Medium, and Large and is priced at 649 AED. 

According to Jawbone, the battery for the new wrist band will last for 7 days, and it can be charged using a computer or USB power adapter.