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ManageEngine: IT doing more with less

IT departments given more responsibility, fewer staff, vendor says.

Sabhlok: We don't see IT organisations growing in staff in terms of headcount
Sabhlok: We don't see IT organisations growing in staff in terms of headcount

IT teams are increasingly being asked to take on more responsibility to meet business needs, yet are not being given the extra staff or resources to do so, according to ManageEngine's president, Raj Sabhlok.

Speaking ahead of the ManageEngine user conference in Dubai this week, Sabhlok explained that the customers he had been speaking to were struggling with increased workloads, and so were looking to new tools in order to "do more with less".

"IT organisations are interesting in that they are responsible for bringing new technology into the organisation, and they're responsible for really delivering cutting-edge technology that can raise the level of the business," he told ITP.net.

"Yet, at the same time, we don't see IT organisations growing in staff in terms of headcount. These folks, while they're extremely important in terms of what they do and what they provide to the business, they're having to do more with less."

Sabhlok pointed to this as one of the key reasons why IT departments are now looking at solutions that automate various processes. And this interest in automation has been driving growth for ManageEngine at both a global and regional level.

"From my standpoint, worldwide, those are the drivers for our business. Companies leverage these tools to raise the performance levels of their IT, that's where we're seeing most of our growth," he said.

Sabhlok added that, to help its customers achieve greater efficiency, ManageEngine encouraged adopting best practices from organisations such as the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). In terms of advice on how to buy management tools, Sabhlok said that customers should expect to be provided with meaningful information "out of the box".

"It's no longer about just looking at blinking lights, and seeing red, yellow, or green. It's really about the specific, actionable data that the tools can provide," he said.