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Roshan opens Afghanistan's first NOC

Telco consolidates 13 monitoring systems into single network operations centre

Karim Khoja, CEO, Roshan.
Karim Khoja, CEO, Roshan.

Roshan, a mobile operator in Afghanistan, has launched a Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Kabul.

The NOC allows Roshan to monitor its nationwide 2G and 3G networks in real-time, enabling it to identify and fix and problems that arise in the network.

Previously, Roshan monitored its network from 13 regional monitoring systems. By unifying network monitoring from one centre, Roshan will improve its response time when resolving network issues. Additionally, the NOC will allow Roshan to continuously perform ‘health-checks' across the network, and prevent problems from arising.

"We are delighted to open the country's first Network Operations Centre, an innovative capability in an emerging market such as Afghanistan," said Karim Khoja, CEO, Roshan.

"The NOC embodies Roshan's long-term investment in Afghanistan, and builds on our market-leading reputation for offering customers the country's highest-quality network and unsurpassed customer service."

The NOC is part of the nearly $600 million Roshan has invested in its network in Afghanistan to date.