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E-govt apps must be tailored to mobile

Government can learn from private sector on making good mobile apps, says Booz & Co

Kassatly: Simple, convenient apps will mean greater uptake of eGovt services.
Kassatly: Simple, convenient apps will mean greater uptake of eGovt services.

Governments in the MENA region need to adapt their e-government services for mobile platforms, or risk losing an important communications channel with their citizens and stakeholders, according to management consultancy Booz & Company.

The uptake of mobile devices in the region continues at a rapid pace, and the falling cost of devices is increasing the uptake, making mobile the platform of choice for many users. Existing e-government services however, are not appealing to mobile users as they contain too much information, are difficult to navigate and not suited to the smaller screens of mobile devices.

Booz & Co suggest that government should follow the example of the private sector and ensure that mobile apps that are attractive to use, limited in scope and designed to meet a set of precise needs.

"Policymakers should make a deliberate effort to design e-government apps that are as engaging and user-friendly as possible, borrowing approaches that have already proved successful in private-sector apps," said Fady Kassatly, principal with Booz & Company. "Payment functionality is a good example. The most successful payment apps share several common attributes: they are very simple, convenient and designed with the customer experience in mind."

Good mobile e-government apps can help governments deliver services more efficiently and effectively, the company said. They can drive the adoption rates of e-services by making them more accessible and easier to use, and increase engagement and communication between citizens and governments, empowering citizens and creating stronger and more satisfied societies.