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Brocade launches new ICX 7750 switch

Hardware designed for high-scalability campus networks

Brocade claims the ICX 7750 is ‘the first purpose-built network switch for scale-out campus aggregation’.
Brocade claims the ICX 7750 is ‘the first purpose-built network switch for scale-out campus aggregation’.

Networking technology vendor Brocade today unveiled its new ICX 7750 Switch, which the company claimed is the first purpose-designed high-density 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) fixed-port solution to enable "scale-out of campus aggregation".

Campus networks are platforms designed to create holistic wired and wireless networks to help large enterprises and public sector organisations enhance application delivery and support greater bandwidth requirements.

"In the Middle East, customers are not typically tied down by legacy IT infrastructure investments," said Sufian Dweik, regional director, MEMA, Brocade.

"However, we often see that business here struggle to handle ever-increasing workloads while maintaining quality of service and network agility. The new ICX 7750 builds upon Brocade's HyperEdge Architecture, enabling rapid scaling of networks, investment protection and reduction of both, costs and complexity."

Dweik believes Brocade's campus solutions are best suited for educational institutions, government entities and research organisations, all of which employ widespread sharing of data for collaboration between departments.

The ICX 7750 switch is said to offer up to 3,000 1/10 GbE ports, or 800 40 GbE ports in a single logical device, and deliver up to 82TBps of aggregate switching capacity.

The scalability of the ICX 7750, touted to be a key feature of the new solution, is aimed at allowing administrators to add switching capability at the core/aggregation layer when needed. The solution also offers a range of advanced enterprise-class features such as Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol Extended (VRRPe), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), IPV4/IPV6 support, Multi-Chassis Trunking (MCT), and Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF).