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MicroLatch, Mi-Token sign partnership

Companies to deliver an integrated biometric and identity assurance solutions

Nolan says the company is excited to work with MicroLatch in bringing advanced biometric technology.
Nolan says the company is excited to work with MicroLatch in bringing advanced biometric technology.

MicroLatch, a manufacturer of stand-alone, self-contained biometrics security solutions has signed a strategic partnership with Mi-Token Inc, a provider of enterprise authentication solutions.

In terms of the partnership, MicroLatch will deliver to the regional channel biometric products, integrated with Mi-Token's banking and enterprise authentication solutions. According to the two vendors, this will be the first time that government, banking and enterprise clients in EMEA region will be able to access banking grade biometrics authentication solutions managed through the Mi-Token enterprise management server.

John Nolan, vice president, Mi-Token EMEA, said: "We are excited to work with MicroLatch to bring advanced biometric tokens and technology to our channel partners and their clients. There is a large demand from companies and government agencies to migrate their legacy authentication solutions to a more open and secure platform and both Mi-Token and MicroLatch make this transition securely and economically. The market is looking for new solutions due to recent password attacks and data assurance concerns and our combined solution will address the need for a more flexible and user-friendly authentication management solution."

Chris Burke, managing director at MicroLatch said: "This biometrics enterprise solution will be a first step into the future of online banking, where the user is authenticated through fingerprint comparison within the token, prior to the process completing.  There will be no change to banking infrastructure and no change to existing account or process, the only addition will be verification of the user from the biometric token."

"The Mi-Token suite takes security to another level of protection for the user without major change to existing practices or processes, therefore we see this step into the future as being consistent with market trends, such as Apple Inc, and other technology manufacturers implementing similar processes.  Payments and banking will incorporate mobile biometrics authentication within the devices," said Burke.