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Red Hat launches new initiative to drive enterprise adoption of openstack

Red Hat has launched a new initiative to drive enterprise adoption of OpenStack.
Red Hat has launched a new initiative to drive enterprise adoption of OpenStack.

Open source solutions provider Red Hat, has announced a new initiative called On-Ramp to Enterprise OpenStack designed to drive enterprise adoption of OpenStack, the popular framework for building and managing private, public, and hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds.

Red Hat is closely collaborating with Intel on the On-Ramp to Enterprise OpenStack programme, educating customers on the benefits and capabilities of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform running on Intel Architecture and making it easier for organisations to evaluate and validate Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform for their private and hybrid cloud initiatives.

"Red Hat's longstanding relationship with Intel has played a key role in the adoption of Linux as the strong enterprise platform we see today," Radhesh Balakrishnan, general manager, Virtualisation, Red Hat. "Like Linux in its early days, collaboration among technology industry leaders can help foster enterprise adoption of OpenStack. As Red Hat's OpenStack vision and solutions gain momentum, On-Ramp to Enterprise OpenStack represents the next level of our collaboration with Intel, and I am excited about the opportunity we mutually face to help demystify OpenStack and show enterprise organisations its true potential."

"The On-Ramp to Enterprise OpenStack programme for private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments is a natural extension of Intel and Red Hat's long-standing collaboration in enterprise Linux," said Imad Sousou, vice president and general manager of Intel's Open Source Technology Centre. "The combination of Intel Architecture and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform helps form a secure, trusted, high-performance platform for these cloud deployments and provides end users a quick and easy way to evaluate, learn about, and deploy important use cases like trusted compute pools."

For more than a decade, Red Hat has collaborated with technology industry leaders, including Intel, to bring enterprise-grade features, including security, reliability, scalability, and performance, to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat has also worked with Intel to optimise kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) since its inception and to enhance KVM virtualisation management in oVirt and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation. Most recently, Red Hat has enhanced the security of open hybrid clouds with trusted compute pools using Intel Trusted Execution Technology (Intel TXT). Trusted compute pools with Intel TXT help protect servers from BIOS and firmware attacks and provide hardware-based verification for use in meeting enterprise compliance requirements.