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Du's net profit up 45% in Q3

Telco's mobile subscriber base reaches 6.9m active users

Osman Sultan, CEO, du.
Osman Sultan, CEO, du.

Du, the UAE's second telecom operator, posted a net profit after royalty of AED 474m, an increase of 45% compared to the same period last year.

Revenues increased 8%, year on year, to AED 2.64bn, up from AED 2.45bn in Q3 2012.

Mobile revenue increased 9.7%, year on year, to AED 2.05bn, up from AED 1.87bn in Q3 2012.

Mobile data revenue increased 34.45%, year on year, to AED 616m, from AED 458m in Q3 2012. Fixed revenues increased 8.68% to AED 439m.

Du's total mobile subscriber base reached 6.9m active users, a 15.69% increase in customers from Q3 2012.

Osman Sultan, chief executive officer, said, "The results for the third quarter of 2013 are positive, with a healthy increase in net profit of 45% after royalty. Growth during the quarter was driven by progress made in the data segment and a continuing strategy of attracting high-value customers. We remain concentrated on fostering innovation and bringing a competitive set of products to the market, with particular focus on data-centric services."