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DIC backs Smart City

Dubai Internet City keeps eye on UAE knowledge economy

Al Suwaidi: DIC and DOZ help drive the knowledge economy in the UAE.
Al Suwaidi: DIC and DOZ help drive the knowledge economy in the UAE.

Dubai Internet City and Dubai Outsource Zone continues to make a major contribution to the development of the UAE’s knowledge economy, and will also play an important role in achieving His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision of making Dubai a ‘smart city’, says Majed Al Suwaidi, Managing Director, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Outsource Zone.

Al Suwaidi, who was recently promoted to the lead role of the free zones, explains that the free zones have led the way in attracting knowledge-based companies to the UAE, and providing a basis for future growth.

The organisation is focusing on entrepreneurship, through its In5 technology hub, with a number of In5 companies participating at GITEX. Developing new talent in this field is vital for expanding the economy, Al-Suwaidi says.

“Entrepreneurship is a major factor of development a knowledge-based economy. We are pulling more knowledge workers into the city and the zones, and that will create new jobs, new companies and opportunities, and that will help with the development of the city. That is in line with His Highness announcement of creating Dubai as a smart city. Hopefully we will play a major role in His Highness’ vision of Dubai for the next few years to come.”

“The main idea for being in GITEX is to create exposure for DIC and DOZ. GITEX plays a major role in attracting companies, and we play a major role in setting up companies within the UAE and Dubai, so it is very important that we are visible and available for companies to be able to meet us, and to know what is happening in the zones.

Al Suwaidi adds that In5 aims to be more than just an incubator, but strives to be a hub for the whole sphere of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.