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ATL Telecom taps export markets

UK-based manufacturer of fixed-line telephones keen to find strong regional distributor

Robert Davis says that ATL is looking for a quality regional distributor.
Robert Davis says that ATL is looking for a quality regional distributor.

ATL Telecom Ltd, a UK-based manufacturer of fixed-line telephones, is keen to find a strong distributor for the region at GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK.

The company, which has been in business for about 30 years, manufactures analogue telephones for offices and various industries including hospitality, education, public sector, and oil & gas. ATL also produces heavy duty phones for industry and even has an explosion-proof telephone in its portfolio.

The company recently moved into IP telephones through a partnership for the Mocet range. The industry is moving from analogue to IP, but cost remains a barrier for many companies, especially in regions such as Europe where the economies are still struggling.

Most of the company’s business at present is in the UK. “We probably supply 70-80,000 units in the UK annually. Export sales are probably about 5% of the business,” says Robert Davis, Managing Director, ATL.

But with analogue telephones now showing only limited growth, ATL is keen to grow its export business. While the company already has a distributor in Kuwait, which has allowed it to sell products in the country for the past 10 years, ATL is keen to sell its products in other countries in the region.

“We work indirect through distributors. We are looking for a good quality distributor for the region, which is difficult to find,” Davis says. “Ideally one distributor for the region would be great. A distributor with a presence around the region would be perfect for us.”

ATL is exhibiting at GITEX for the third time, and Davis says that this year the company has generated many potentially good leads.