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ZTE promotes green technology

Telecoms infrastructure specialist works with organisations across 15 African countries

ZTE is helping to bring green energy innovations to Africa.
ZTE is helping to bring green energy innovations to Africa.

Telecoms infrastructure specialist ZTE Corporation is working with governments and enterprises across 15 African countries, including Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Niger, to deploy renewable solar energy, the company announced during GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2013.

ZTE is providing governments and businesses with the means to meet local power needs for households, communication systems and mobile power sources, bringing light and telecoms to thousands of homes and businesses throughout the African continent.

The projects involve a variety of ZTE’s green energy products and solutions, including solar lighting systems, mobile solar power systems, solar power for base stations and solar power for household lighting systems. “The solar street lighting project constructed by ZTE is one of the best renewable energy projects that exists in Niger,” says Oumarou Dogari Moumouni, the former mayor of Niamey, the capital of Niger.

Africa suffers from constant power shortages leaving more than 580 million people to light their homes with kerosene lamps that are harmful to their health and the environment. Africa’s natural resources mean that it has a great source of renewable energy from the sun.

“ZTE’s cooperation with governments and businesses throughout Africa is providing both economic and social benefits across the region. We are helping African countries maximise the power of their local resources and use renewable energy in a number of innovative ways,” says Wang Yiwen, ZTE CTO of Government and Enterprise business in the Middle East and Africa region.