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Vocalcom keeps you in touch

Call centre solutions specialist highlights strengths of social media

Vocalcom helps companies stay in touch with customers.
Vocalcom helps companies stay in touch with customers.

For most big companies, the challenge of dealing with customers over multiple channels is a significant, and growing challenge.

Indeed, with regular call centres, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other channels, it is understandable that many companies feel overwhelmed by the challenge of managing customer interaction.

But this is where call centre specialist, Vocalcom, can help.

The company believes that social media, in particular, is changing the way customers interact with companies. “CRM will force a shift from contact centres to customer engagement centres,” says Ali Kassab, CEO, Vocalcom MEA. “Customers expect to be supported regardless of channel, yet social media engagement is missing from current CRM customer service contact centre products, frustrating chief customer officers and vice presidents of customer support. This will force the evolution of customer engagement centers in 2013,” he adds.

Kassab says that customers increasingly expect companies and organisations to provide a “rich integrated experience across all channels”, and that users expect the same experience across all channels. “These channels include but are not limited to voice, email, chat, web self-service, as well as social channels such as forums and popular sites,” Kassab says.

For Vocalcom, this changing dynamic adds up to a major opportunity, and the company is keen to place itself at the centre of the customer engagement revolution.

“At Vocalcom we continue to pioneer the reinvention and evolution of call center solutions for businesses worldwide, empowering users to push limits and break boundaries, to truly transform the customer experience,” Kassab says.

“We’re very proud to provide the market with the latest release of our Hermes Net V5 software. This software encourages an entirely new way of thinking to exceed all expectations and surprise customers across channels web and social media, through  an excellent customer experience.”