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AccessData partners with Contego Solutions

Deal to strengthen digital forensics capabilities of ME enterprises

Whitburn says enterprises cannot afford not to protect themselves from cyber threats.
Whitburn says enterprises cannot afford not to protect themselves from cyber threats.

AccessData, through distribution partner ARM, has signed an agreement in the Middle East with Contego Solutions, a systems integration company.

In terms of the deal, Contego Solutions will offer AccessData's entire products portfolio including the standalone FTK and MPE+ for small to medium size labs and AcessData Lab for large labs handling massive data sets, utilising a distributed workforce, or looking to collaborate with attorneys, HR personnel or other non-forensic parties. In addition, Contego said it will also focus on AccessData CIRT platform with end point investigation and remediation capabilities.

"Being prepared to respond to cyber attacks should be part of every organisation's information security strategy. Given the scale and sophistication of cyber crime in the region, enterprises simply cannot afford not to protect themselves. Our solutions give organisations the ability to investigate security incidents and respond to cyber attacks, which ultimately helps limit financial loss and data theft," said Simon Whitburn, senior vice president and general manager, AccessData.

Timm Lemcke, managing director for Contego Solutions said: "Our expertise lies in designing full turnkey digital forensics laboratories for clients. The AccessData product range, especially the CIRT platform, greatly strengthens our portfolio and forms an invaluable piece of the solution set that we offer."

Vivian Gevers, managing director, ARM added that: "Arranging PoCs is an excellent proposition for clients, especially when dealing with advanced solutions like digital forensics. Clients want to verify that any solution they purchase will function in a stable manner once installed and integrate well with the existing IT environment. This is only possible when the solution is readily available to be implemented at their premise for a certain timeframe. If these POCs work as per the client requirements, then there is a high probability that the client will invest in the solution."