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Wamli.com launches mobile version

Online retailer launches mobile site for its 'quirky' product line up

Wamli.com has launched a mobile version of its e-commerce site.
Wamli.com has launched a mobile version of its e-commerce site.

Dubai-based e-commerce site Wamli has announced the launch of a mobile version.

The online retailer, which focuses on ‘quirky, diverse and exciting products' in ranges such as houseware and gifts, is now available across any mobile platform. The mobile site offers the full product range and the same features as the desktop version of the site.

"The need for a mobile version of Wamli was fuelled by its passionate members who wanted to browse through our unique products on-the-go. With Mobile Data penetration exceeding 60% in the Middle East, we would like our visitors to be able to search for that unique gift for their loved ones on their handheld device," said Rabih Ghandour, CEO, Wamli.com.

"We want our customers to feel the sense of happiness in discovering the new products on the site. And our mobile site will go a long way in convincing our members that we take their opinions seriously."

The site also includes features such as Wamli's unique e-commerce currency, Wamli Coins, which are earned for each activity conducted on the website and can be used for purchases, and Wamli's online gamification element also allows shoppers to collect ‘Experience Points' for each activity performed, which can be used to unlock special features on the site.