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Siemon launches data centre website

New site is designed to guide industry professionals through data centre design, development

Siemon has alunched a website that is designed to guide IT professionals through the data centre development process.
Siemon has alunched a website that is designed to guide IT professionals through the data centre development process.

Global network infrastructure specialist Siemon, has introduced a new data centre website designed to guide industry professionals through the process of selecting, designing and deploying business-critical systems for best-in-class operation.

Focusing on the entire data centre ecosystem, from infrastructure to energy efficiency, the new online resource centre offers a single source of information and advice, with access to technical papers and case studies that show various technologies in operation.

Siemon's data centre infrastructure solutions are all clearly explained in the new site, which offers access to a wide range of white papers, practical articles and know-how features.  Designed to support two to three generations of network switches, servers and storage devices, Siemon's data centre solutions include options for high performance copper and fibre infrastructure, high-speed interconnect systems, plus space-efficient cabinets and cable management that promote cooling, whilst maximising density.

There is also a library of case studies, taken from a wide range of data centre facilities in locations around the world. These illustrate how Siemon delivers a standards-based infrastructure that offers high-speed performance, enhanced cabling management, superior thermal management and power efficiency for maximum uptime and reliability.

As the site illustrates, typically just 3% of network spend is dedicated to cabling infrastructure and yet this is argued to be a critical asset.

"With 70% of network problems attributed to poor cabling and cabling upgrades being the most disruptive, labour-intensive portion of a data centre, it is important for operators to do it right the first time and to appreciate that cabling infrastructure should be designed and built to last for 10, 15 or more years," said Robert Carlson, vice president of global marketing at Siemon.

"As Siemon has devoted focus to data centres over the last decade, with many high-performance product innovations for this critical space, we felt compelled to develop a more data centre-focused resource centre within our website; making it easier for end users and data centre professionals to access the standards information, educational tools and solutions they need to succeed."

The new site explains how a high-performance, reliable cabling system is critical to data centre infrastructure and visitors can gain guidance on selecting and designing a cabling infrastructure for optimal operation.  This includes insight into the impact of cabling architecture choices upon lifetime operating costs, flexibility and maintenance.  Higher speed networking is also covered within the bank of relevant white papers, giving insight into future-proofing data centre installations.

A variety of educational tools are easily accessible from the site, such as Siemon's online Standards Informant blog, which delivers the latest information on industry standards. Highlights from Siemon's emerging technology forums are included, plus details of future educational events and a free data centre e-book; ‘Deploying, Managing and Securing an Efficient Physical Infrastructure' is available for download.