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WD announces first enterprise-class hard drives

Storage units targeted at growing scale-out data centre market

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Western Digital company WD this week announced availability of its WD Se line of hard drives, its first designed for scale-out data centre deployments.

Built on an enterprise-grade platform aimed at 24x7x365 data centre operations, WD Se is designed for "performance, reliability and robustness" for large-scale replicated environments, mid-sized network attached storage (NAS) deployments and backup/archiving applications.

WD Se is an enterprise-class drive built to take advantage of the massive growth of semi-structured data, which is accelerating the scale-out of data centres of all sizes. Now shipping in capacities up to 4 TB, the new drives are designed to deliver high capacity in multi-drive enclosures without "compromising" enterprise-class features, according to WD.

 "Today's cloud data centre installations require a cost-effective way to build large-scale storage systems, while maintaining the 24x7 reliability necessary to minimise total cost of ownership," said Richard E Rutledge, senior vice president of WD's data centre storage business unit.

"WD's utilisation of vast amounts of manufacturing and engineering data has forced us - like many other companies - to use map-reduce methodologies to effectively analyse our data. The WD Se hard drives are used in our own big data centre, where we have gained real-world experience with Apache Hadoop."

WD Se drives also seek to address the fast-growing SMB to mid-range network-attached storage (NAS) market.

"The robust enterprise-class design and higher workload capabilities for SMB-focused 6-bay-plus table-top NAS units and rack-mount multi-tenant NAS solutions with up to 24 bays, provide NAS integrators a complement to WD Red hard drives, which are for small NAS systems," WD said.

The company's other data centre hard drives - WD Xe and WD Re - round out the high-end of the NAS market.

"Together, WD Se, WD Xe, WD Re and WD Red provide a total portfolio of robust storage devices to match every size and scale of NAS deployment," WD added.