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Seagate releases enterprise HDDs for cloud setups

New hardware aimed at large-scale data centre intrastructures

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Storage manufacturer Seagate Technology today unveiled two new enterprise-class hard disk drives (HDD) optimised for emerging cloud infrastructures and large scale data centres.

Aimed at IT system builders, the Seagate Terascale HDD and the Seagate Enterprise Performance 10K HDD (v7) are designed for high-capacity storage in low-power configurations, attributes normally associated with cloud infrastructures.

According to new research from analyst firm IDC, the regional appetite for enterprise storage appears to be growing rapidly as spending in emerging markets like the Middle East and Africa is expected to outpace spending in more mature regions over the next two years. Another recent study conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Brocade noted that around 90% of IT decision makers believe their current IT infrastructures still require substantial upgrades in order to meet the demands of virtualisation and cloud computing.

"Over the next eight years, the capacity shipped into the cloud will double and by 2020 personal and enterprise clouds will account for more than 60% of the total storage capacity shipped," said Scott Horn, Seagate vice president of marketing.

"With this huge shift of capacity to the cloud, storage providers will need to deploy more storage quickly, all while increasing capacity and lowering energy costs. Engineered with this in mind, these new drives deliver on all fronts, providing high capacity-to-power ratios and ensuring consistent performance at an affordable cost, making them an ideal solution for the cloud."