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Poor backup leading to 'accidental architecture'

Business groups deploying their own backup due to lack of confidence in IT-controlled central backup

EMC's new data protection storage architecture is intended to give stakeholders better visibility and control over backup of applications.
EMC's new data protection storage architecture is intended to give stakeholders better visibility and control over backup of applications.

EMC is warning that lack of confidence in enterprise backup provided by IT departments is causing application owners to deploy their own backup solutions, created uncontrolled ‘accidental architecture'

The trend towards ‘bring your own backup', where application owners, virtual machine administrators and storage and server administrators have used their own physical or cloud backup solutions, has been driven by a lack of faith in enterprise back up competence and capabilities, the company said.

A 2012 survey conducted on behalf of EMC found that 64% of companies in the Middle East region had suffered data loss in the past 12 months, while 82% of decision makers were not confident of the capabilities of their organisation to restore lost data from backup.

Fady Richmany, senior regional director, Backup and Recovery Systems Division, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East. EMC, commented: "The major problem is, there is no confidence. All those enterprise customers, the decision makers, they have little confidence in their backup. The IT team is not able to satisfy the application owners, there is a rift between business and IT, and the application owners, because of the lack of confidence and trust, go and do their own backup."

The emergence of these accidental architectures causes issues for organisations in terms of cost, ownership of data, organisational efficiency and data discovery, Richmany added.

Despite the lack of confidence, backup solutions remain a priority for IT investment in the region, and EMC says that new additions to its backup portfolio can help restore trust in centralised backup, while giving stakeholders greater visibility and control into backup processes.

The company has announced new EMC Data Domain systems, to deliver better scalability and cost per gigabyte for storage, along with updates to to its EMC Data Protection Suite, to deliver deeper integration with Data Domain systems and EMC storage, new optimisations for virtual environments and greater visibility and control for the protection of enterprise applications. The new solutions are intended to consolidate storage in a single platform, while providing the performance and visibility to internal customers, and therefore to eliminate storage silos.

"Deployment of a Protection Storage Architecture, which arrests the proliferation of the accidental architectures we talk so much about, is the best strategy for ensuring effective data protection. The products we've announced today pave the way for our customers to consolidate their data protection strategy and infrastructure, and enable them to proactively prepare for the data protection challenges that accompany transformational IT initiatives," Richmany added.