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Du enhances managed security services

Expanded protection offered against DDoS with new cloud-based service

Bamatraf: Managed services help enterprise customers to keep up with changeable security threats.
Bamatraf: Managed services help enterprise customers to keep up with changeable security threats.

UAE telecom operator du has extended its managed security portfolio, with enhanced Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) capabilities.

The cloud based Managed DDoS Protect offering builds on the DDoS Protect service launched last year, with next generation, cloud-based capabilities, which are designed to provided real time response to complex DDoS attacks and higher volume attacks.

The new service includes real time DDoS threat intelligence to provide personalised DDoS detection and mitigation to customers' networks. This approach ensures that each customer threat situation is analysed and managed separately rather than using blanket approach; along with full visibility application layer attack detection through 1:1 IP packet inspection to offer better protection compared to other services that only offer packet sampling.

Hatem Bamatraf, executive vice president, Enterprise, du, said: "Our next generation Managed DDoS Protect demonstrates our commitment to continuously investing in Managed Security, which enables enterprise customers to stay abreast of growing security challenges. As enterprise security threats grow in size and sophistication, existing protection tools cannot keep up with the increasingly dynamic and polymorphic threats that leverage a mixture of volumetric and application layer attacks. Edge resources near the target, such as IDS, IPS and firewalls, can be overwhelmed fairly easily, rendering protection irrelevant. DDoS protection is one of the very few security requirements organisations can only address via a managed security service from an upstream provider, such as an ISP, using a cloud-based detection and mitigation approach to the problem."