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Entertainer enhances market intelligence with QR codes

New QR codes brings 'big data' to incentive vouchers programme

The Entertainer says 352m of its vouchers using QR codes have been printed so far in 2013.
The Entertainer says 352m of its vouchers using QR codes have been printed so far in 2013.

Incentive voucher company the Entertainer is turning to QR codes, and a bespoke system developed by Emitac Mobile Solutions (EMS), to improve market intelligence and customer data for its merchant partners.

The company, which produces books of two-for-one incentive vouchers from well-known dining, leisure, entertainment, and hotel brands along with online offers, has added QR codes to all of its vouchers, with 352 million vouchers with QR codes printed so far this year.

The Entertainer is rolling out special QR code scanning devices, developed by EMS, to each of its six thousand-plus merchant partners. When a customer redeems the voucher, the merchant scans the QR code and enters in some basic point-of-sale data which is automatically sent back to the Entertainer's central database.  The Entertainer then provides the information back to each merchant on a monthly basis so that they can see exactly how many offers are being redeemed across their multiple outlets.

The reports also include the total value of the savings achieved by the customers and how much revenue is being driven via the Entertainer vouchers. This enables merchants to calculate a more accurate Return on Investment (ROI) across their marketing programmes.  Merchants are only ever given access to their own redemption data but the Entertainer can share how they compare to region or category specific benchmarks.  Customer data is strictly protected in accordance with the Entertainer's privacy policy.

 "Our redemption loop is a game changer for us and moves us into the ‘big data' landscape globally," said Donna Benton - founder and CEO of the Entertainer. "For 12 years, our merchants have consistently provided us with feedback on how successful their partnership with the Entertainer has been, which is proven by our extraordinarily high renewal rate with our merchants. Now we are able to definitively measure the impact of our programme."

"We partnered with EMS because they are able to provide us with a bespoke, scalable solution and are able to work flexibly with us. They quickly understood our business requirements and the technical and logistical complexities involved," she added.

Babar Khan, CEO, EMS said, "EMS has partnered with the Entertainer to provide them with a customised solution to scan QR codes through our android devices.  EMS has always been keen to take up such unique opportunities to innovate and provide customized solutions across the region."