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ManageEngine’s Site24x7 launches Web APM service

APM Insight said to deliver ‘deep insight’ into Web performance

Mathew: Companies delivering SaaS and cloud apps can’t afford to deliver inconsistent performance.
Mathew: Companies delivering SaaS and cloud apps can’t afford to deliver inconsistent performance.

Real-time IT management company ManageEngine today announced the launch of an end-to-end Web application performance monitoring service Site24x7 APM Insight from the firms's cloud infrastructure arm, Site24x7.

APM Insight is designed to reinforce Site24x7's website monitoring service with detailed application-level monitoring to give IT departments complete visibility into application behavior, enabling "rapid isolation and resolution of performance issues affecting the end users' experience". Site24x7 also announced the release of its Linux server monitoring feature.

The commodity hardware used to scale software-as-a-service and Web apps is forcing development teams to use more specialised components for various application functions. As a result, developers and other IT staff seeking to quickly troubleshoot and optimise Web apps "must have insight into all aspects of that app, from the end user's application experience to performance of the application's underlying database", argues Site24x7.

"Companies delivering SaaS and cloud apps can't afford to deliver inconsistent performance," said Gibu Mathew, director of product management for Site24x7.

"But those apps are being delivered into a variety of devices and built using an often complex variety of cloud technologies, which makes nailing down performance bottlenecks a real challenge.

"With Site24x7 APM Insight, we're delivering an industry-first, end-to-end solution that combines user experience monitoring from around the world with agent-based server monitoring, resources monitoring inside the data centre LAN, and now application-level monitoring to ensure our customers can track all of the moving parts in their cloud apps and deliver the best possible experience to their users."

Site24x7 APM Insight is available immediately and included in the Site24x7 Enterprise Edition. If purchased as a standalone feature, Site24x7 APM Insight is priced at $9 per instance per month. Site24x7 Linux server monitoring is available immediately for $5 per server per month.