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Blue Coat unveils new strategy

Business assurance technology vision is to allow IT security to say yes to applications, devices and technologies

Greg Clark from Blue Coat says that security has traditionally been steeped in fear.
Greg Clark from Blue Coat says that security has traditionally been steeped in fear.

Business assurance technology providers Blue Coat Systems has unveiled its Business Assurance Technology vision, a new security approach that is designed to securely empower businesses to provide employees, customers, partners and suppliers with the flexibility to choose the best applications, devices, data sources and technologies the world has to offer while assuring business continuity, agility and governance.

"Security has traditionally been steeped in fear - of the unknown, of new technology, of loss of control - and that fear has driven a rigidity that stymies growth in the business," said Greg Clark, CEO at Blue Coat Systems. "To empower the business, the security model needs to change to one that makes it possible for employees to individually optimise on the technologies that best allow them to perform their jobs."

Findings from a new global survey that shows that when employees can safely and quickly choose the best technologies the world has to offer, businesses are empowered to create, communicate, collaborate, innovate, execute, compete and win.

According to a survey of more than 1,900 business and IT leaders, written by the Economist Intelligence Unit and conducted by Vanson Bourne, 84% of business and IT leaders worldwide agree that empowering employees drives greater efficiency in the business. Business and IT also believe that providing technology choice to employees can increase revenue and profits by more than 35%.

According to the survey, 52% of business leaders believe IT policies slow innovation while 53% believe they slow customer service.

CIOs understand they need to embrace technology changes to realize strategic business goals, but they do not have the infrastructure or methods to empower people to safely use these new technologies. Globally, 76 percent of IT leaders believe that security is the biggest obstacle to enabling employees to choose the best technology in the world at-will.