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Bahrain CIO Council holds inaugural meeting

CIOAC of the Bahrain Technology & Business Society discusses industry issues

The CIOAC has held its first meeting to discuss issues in the IT industry.
The CIOAC has held its first meeting to discuss issues in the IT industry.

The Chief Information Officers Advisory Council (CIOAC) of the Technology & Business Society (TBS) of Bahrain held its inaugural meeting at the end of April.

The CIOAC, which has been set up as an advisory council comprised of IT executives representing various sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain, held its first meeting to discuss developments in the industry, and to exchange, technical advice, best practice and strategies to meet challenges facing the sector.

The TBS Board has appointed Mishal Al-Hellow as General Coordinator of the Advisory Council.

Al-Hellow said that the board aims to create an interactive environment to discuss IT challenges of common interest to both the public and private sectors, and to also provide technical advice related to IT legislation, which has become an integral part of legal and constitutional legislations in developed countries.

"The IT revolution and easy cross-border movement of capital and scientific research have transformed the world into a small village. Entities concerned with this field must now work to develop the legal framework and technological solutions which are best suited to overcome challenges," he said.

The meeting was sponsored by Ernst & Young and Hewlett Packard (HP), with Charles Blyth, senior manager and Pankaj Gupta, manager from Ernst & Young's Information Technology, Risk, Assurance & Advisory Services (ITRAA) team presenting key findings from the company's ‘DNA of the CIO' report, that focused on the skills, experience and mindset needed by successful CIOs.

Essa Al-Jowder, Office Managing Partner, Ernst & Young, Bahrain, said: "We are proud to be associated with this initiative as it addresses key challenges in information technology and provides a useful platform for industry professionals to discuss areas of common interest."

Mohamed Abdel Kader, HP Regional Solution Architect, Middle East and North Africa added: "The modern enterprise environment continues to bring new real-world security challenges to corporations and Governments alike". Practically, these security threats require a comprehensive and strategic management of security requirements as an integral part of the business strategy. For that purpose, companies must use innovative solutions to cater to the requirements of protecting their physical, intellectual and information assets, independent of where they are: cloud, mobile or network, right from the development stage up to and including actual operations."