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Oracle launches education platform

Oracle Learning Information Exchange will be central hub for education systems and data

Oracle's education platform is intended to simplify learning environments.
Oracle's education platform is intended to simplify learning environments.

Oracle has launched a new data management platform for the education sector.

The Oracle Learning Information Exchange, which was unveiled at the Arab Education Summit in Jordan, is intended to create a central hub for data and interactions from different education and management applications, to provide a holistic data management platform for students, teachers and education authorities.

The solution has been developed, Oracle said, to simplify learning environments that have become complicated by diverse usage of courseware, collaborative environments and other educational applications. The Oracle Learning Information Exchange is intended to provide a logical linkage between course content, assessments, students, teachers, parents, mentors and administrators.

The solution will offer intelligent personalized dashboards, shared reporting and services and digital commerce capabilities for learning.

The Oracle Learning Information Exchange will comprise of a public knowledge platform to host information services about careers, courses, content and qualifications; a collaboration environment to enable exchange of views between students, teachers, parents and mentors; a business rules engine to provide pro-active recommendations on next educational steps and remedial actions and alerts on any device; and a platform to host links to global content and integrated individual learning records.

Other features will include flexible and dynamic sourcing, assembly and delivery of digital content from multiple sources in context to user including contextual search; web-enabled virtual campus with access anytime, anyplace on any device; ability to support a mix and match of course modules and content sources to create accredited qualification; an ability to create a social knowledge repository for informed career, learning path decisions and stakeholder involvement; development of comparative statistics and insights at class, course, teacher, school, university and state levels; real-time feedback to teachers via analytics and data mining and easy plug-in of existing or new IT data services to the platform

"Education today faces some serious challenges which threaten to make learning environments unmanageable and fragmented," said Cole Clark, global vice president, Education & Research Business Unit at Oracle. "The Learning Information Exchange engages students with self-paced, lifelong virtual online learning environment; and provides aggregated real-time reporting of disparate data sources to better inform teachers and education stakeholders through learning analytics focused on outcomes."