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Anonymous hits Bahrain F1 website

Hacktivists claim success in brief disruption to online presence of ‘blood race’

Anonymous had threatened action against the GP website for the past week.
Anonymous had threatened action against the GP website for the past week.

Shadowy hacker cabal Anonymous briefly took down a website of the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix this morning, according to an uncorroborated online report.

Tech site Jolopnik.com displayed an apparent tweet from the hacktivist group that claimed a successful attack on bahrain-grand-prix.com, an authorised agent resource that sells tickets and tour deals, but the interruption in service was brief.

In the past week Anonymous warned F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone to call off the race in the Gulf island state, or face online disruptions. Bahrain Grand Prix officials subsequently announced they were ready for the attacks.

Anonymous has taken political positions on a range of topics, from online piracy to freedom of speech and has dispensed its own brand of justice in the form of cyber attacks on several occasions. In the case of Bahrain, the hacktivists previously referred to the F1 event as a "blood race", expressing sympathy for the Shia Muslim majority that is ruled by a minority Sunni government.

Bringing down a website is normally done through a denial of service (DoS) attack, where a Web server is flooded by more requests for resources than it can handle. In recent years these attacks are mounted from many different sources in a co-ordinated assault, called a distributed denial of service (DDoS).

While no official statement has been issued yet on what style of attack occurred at bahrain-grand-prix.com and whether it was indeed successful, DDoS is the most likely candidate.