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Aruba launches new ClearPass component

WorkSpace solution combines management of access, apps and devices

Aruba WorkSpace is designed to cover network access, security and app management.
Aruba WorkSpace is designed to cover network access, security and app management.

Mobile network solutions provider Aruba Networks Inc this week announced Aruba WorkSpace, a new component of the company's ClearPass Access Management System.

According to Aruba, with this addition, network access control (NAC), mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) systems are a part of a single solution that addresses a number of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) issues, such as security and support costs.

A recent mobile device security survey commissioned by Aruba revealed that 47% of UAE respondents who bring personal devices to work would strongly object if they found out that their IT department had accessed personal data stored on their device. Of these, 50% said they wouldn't immediately report the loss of these devices to their IT department, which presents a significant security concern for enterprise IT.

Aruba seeks to address such issues with WorkSpace. The combination of MDM, MAM and NAC capabilities integrated into one platform is said to allow IT to secure sensitive corporate data on personal mobile devices without the cost, resource investment and potential loss of user privacy and productivity.

"With mobile device and application proliferation accelerating at an unprecedented pace, IT departments simply need a solution that eliminates the extra work and expense associated with bridging the silos across the network, the device and the application," said Ammar Enaya, general manager of Aruba Networks, Middle East.

"By integrating our core strength for network access control and security we can streamline the BYOD process and take the burden and risk away from the IT department".

Aruba WorkSpace is built on an enterprise network policy system, allowing higher network priority to be automatically assigned to work applications. In the event an employee's device connects to an untrusted network, Aruba WorkSpace can automatically establish application-specific VPNs to encrypt traffic and provide uninterrupted access to internal resources. The solution can also restrict network access if a device is jail-broken or contains unapproved applications.

More information about Aruba WorkSpace, is available here.