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Comguard launches new solutions

Security VAD unveils latest Mid East enterprise security offerings from gateprotect

Dhanjal: Gateprotect’s new line addresses the manifold threats that enterprises face today in the region.
Dhanjal: Gateprotect’s new line addresses the manifold threats that enterprises face today in the region.

Dubai-based IT security VAD Comguard today announced the launch of an array of new security solutions from gateprotect in the Middle East region.

Gateprotect Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is a new network security solution integrated with open source CMS WebGUI. The solution creates an additional layer of security in the networks of enterprises, and enables "timely response to threats", according to Comguard.

The distributer said the offering is aimed at the enterprise market, and addresses the security concerns that arise from working on cloud, Web-based applications and increase social media interactions. The Secure Web Gateway integrates several technologies that identify and curb unwarranted data traffic. It also allows an organisation to monitor social media.

According to Comguard, the product integrates with WebGUI and features a multi-admin concept that can also address fast-advancing 2.0 threats. Comguard argues that WebGUI's "unique graphic concept saves time and eliminates errors, while simultaneously facilitating work for multiple administrators".

The solution is designed to relieve the firewall within complex networks, helping to increase performance. It also extends support to Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), a feature that is said to be crucial in mixed networks.

"We are glad to introduce new-generation security solutions refined by German engineering to provide our partners and their customers with maximum level of protection against any IT security threat and breach," said, Amarjot Dhanjal, senior business development manager at Comguard.

"Gateprotect's new line of security solutions addresses the manifold and steadily evolving threats that enterprises face today in the region."

Comguard also announced it is bringing the third generation of gateprotect firewalls GPZ 1000, GPZ 2500 and GPZ 5000 to the region. The products feature "redundant components for maximum security together with top stability and performance", according to Comguard. "A specialised RAID system assures high failure safety; the flexibly designed frontend can be freely configured to fit the customer's needs thanks to exchangeable network cards; and, in addition, all models are equipped with VLAN [virtual local area network] and application control," Comguard said.

Sudarshan S Avadhany, sales director, MENA at gateprotect said, "These are our latest innovations which were recently showcased at CeBIT 2013 in Hanover, Germany. We are sure that with our new range of security solutions, we will be able to serve the interest of enterprises in the region. These solutions will also broaden the avenues for our channel partners to enhance their revenues and margins."

The new range gateprotect firewalls and security solutions will be available through Comguard across the Middle East region including UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Egypt.