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RAK Ceramics rolls out SAP ERP

RAK Ceramics deploys SAP to manage UAE operations

Qais Gharaibeh, MD, SAP UAE and Abdallah Massaad, CEO, RAK Ceramics.
Qais Gharaibeh, MD, SAP UAE and Abdallah Massaad, CEO, RAK Ceramics.

RAK Ceramics, the world's largest manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain tiles, has rolled out SAP ERP to improve productivity and business reporting.

The billion-dollar conglomerate, which has 15,000 employees worldwide and ships to 160 countries, has deployed SAP across its operations in the UAE.

"The SAP ERP system is a key part of our strategic decisions to invest in new technology and solution that will ensure our vision for taking the company forward as I am confident we shall overall improve our operations management with better efficiency in every aspect of the organization. This will lead to better productivity, as well as better products and services to our clients worldwide. We are confident that by embracing these cutting-edge solutions, we are putting the company on the fast track to exceeding expectations," said Abdallah Massaad, CEO, RAK Ceramics.

The SAP solutions, which replaced a 13-year old legacy system, now cover RAK Ceramics's UAE factories, 15 warehouses, 6 showrooms and various administrative offices. In the second phase of the project, which was carried out RAK Ceramics and SAP, the solutions will be extended to the company's manufacturing facilities outside of the UAE.

The project also included training for 350 RAK Ceramics employees, and quality assurance which was carried out by KPMG. A new data centre was also established to support the new applications.

 "SAP ERP software gives us a platform for an integrated system that will take our reporting and corporate governance to the next level.  The system will be useful in taking quick strategic decision to enhance asset utilization and rationalize the overall manufacturing and procurement costs. SAP ERP system will ensure improved working capital management and effective in taking cost-saving measures reflecting positively in the bottom line,' said Manoj Aheeray, CFO of RAK Ceramics.

 "Teaming up with SAP feeds into our unceasing mission of continually surpassing the expectations of our customers, dealers and partners," said Khaled Abdulla Yousef, Member on Board of Directors, RAK Ceramics  and the Sponsor for the SAP Project. "In an era of global competitiveness and borderless economies, the only organizations that will thrive are those that remain truly receptive to innovation in its many and varied forms. Embracing cutting-edge IT solutions from SAP is a major step in making RAK Ceramics run better, improving end-to-end process integration and harmonization, and driving sustainable business growth."

Qais Gharaibeh, UAE managing director, SAP MENA, added: "RAK Ceramics is the number one company of its kind in the world and a glittering jewel in the Middle Eastern manufacturing sector. The company's inspiring pursuit of excellence and innovation makes it a vital player in the UAE's economic landscape and SAP is proud to help maximise value and improve its efficiency wherever possible."