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Qatar University connects with Cisco Jabber

Messaging application will enable greater communication for 15,000 staff and students

Qatar University will connect with Cisco's Jabber.
Qatar University will connect with Cisco's Jabber.

Qatar University has deployed Cisco's Jabber messaging application to connect 15,000, staff, students and faculty.

The Jabber application is a soft phone that includes presence, instant messaging (IM), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing, to enable users at the university to connect and collaborate. Jabber is available for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Mac and Windows, and is also integrated with Microsoft Office, so that users can initiate communications from within Office application.

Cisco worked with systems integrator Mannai Networks to architect, build and support the deployment.

ITS chief information officer, at Qatar University

"We chose Cisco's innovative and leading collaborative technology solution because our goal is to evolve the quality of instructional and educational services that Qatar University offers and ensure that they meet the ever-growing demands of 21st century technology," said Trevor Moore, ITS chief information officer at Qatar University.

"Our mission has always been to lead the way with innovative, groundbreaking technology and Cisco's solutions will help to keep us ahead of the game. In an environment where students have an increasing choice of establishments for their higher education we need to ensure the Qatar University continues to lead the way and sets the benchmark for universities in the region so that we can continue to attract the best students and faculty not only in Qatar but throughout the Middle East."

The university has an ongoing initiative to enhance the quality of its instructional and educational services, and optimize the performance of instructors and administrators who frequently work on virtual teams with members in different locations, so Jabber will help these teams to connect more efficiently.

Den Sullivan, head of Architectures & Enterprise, Emerging Markets,l Cisco commented: "Cisco's collaborative technology solutions such as Jabber are now making a vital impact across a wide gambit of industry sectors and vertical markets and our work with Qatar University goes a long way to illustrate just how versatile and adaptable our portfolio is. Enhancing and supporting education in the Middle East is one of our Cisco goals so we are honoured to be associated with this landmark higher educational deployment in Qatar. Our approach is helping Qatar University to create a learning environment vision which we are confident will be adopted by many other leading educational establishments in the region."